What’s the Difference Between Patterned & Plush Carpet?

Carpet adds vibrancy and texture to any home while also providing insulation, noise reduction, and comfortable cushioning. As you narrow down your choices, you may be looking at patterned and plush options. Each offers distinct advantages that might be perfect for your flooring needs. Here’s a closer look at what sets the two styles apart.

What Are the Qualities of Plush Carpeting?

Also known as velvet carpeting because of its extra-soft feel, plush options feature a smooth, short, dense pile that’s slightly twisted. This flooring is often used in bedrooms, living rooms, and dens because of its luxurious look and feel. Many of today’s plush flooring products are made from recycled polyester, wool, nylon, or polypropylene materials and feature chemical additives that resist dirt, dust, and liquids for easy maintenance. 

Plush options leave footprints and vacuum tracks behind, which some people don’t care for. Staining agents also tend to soak through quickly because of the loose pile, though many brands include stain-resistant treatments that help prevent this problem. 

What Sets Patterned Carpeting Apart?

Featuring cut fibers and loops with different heights to create unique patterned results, many carpets in this style feature geometric, dotted, and linear designs in different colors. Some have designs printed on plain carpeting, while others are manufactured with dyed fibers. 

Striped patterns can make rooms look wider or longer, which is ideal if you’re working with less square footage. Those with intricate patterns disguise stains, which are especially helpful in high-traffic areas. Because staining agents don’t sink into the patterned flooring products because of their relatively short fibers, they’re generally quicker and easier to clean. 

Like plush options, disadvantages with patterned carpets are few. They can create busy results in rooms with bold decor, paint, and furnishings, and cheaper versions with printed designs can cause patterns to wander over time. Patterned versions can also look worn from frequent use because their pile is short compared to plush flooring. 


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