What’s the Difference Between Nylon & Polyester Carpet?

When it comes to flooring, carpet continues to be a family favorite since it’s warm to the touch and comfortable underfoot. However, there’s also the question of which type of carpet to install. Nylon and polyester varieties are among the biggest sellers, but many homeowners may not know what sets each material apart. Here’s a comparison of the two as you narrow down your choices.


Nylon is prized for its durability and can last well over a decade with proper cleaning and maintenance. Since the fibers are flexible, they’re resistant to stretching and physical damage, allowing the carpet to “bounce back” after being compressed or matted. As a result, the flooring is resistant to wear patterns, abrasions, and impact marks from furniture placement. 

The material also has a higher moisture content than polyester carpeting, creating a plush, soft feel. While nylon tends to cost more than polyester varieties, it’s also more resistant to mold and mildew, which may be an important factor for placement in areas like basements. 



Polyester carpeting doesn’t last as long as nylon, but since the material costs less, it may be more cost-effective for homes that will require multiple flooring changes, such as rental properties. One of the perks of polyester is that the fibers are naturally hydrophobic, which means they repel water. 

For this reason, liquid spills and stains may be easier to get out of the fibers, making the product ideal for homes with pets or young children. Polyester is also considered an eco-friendly material since it’s made with recycled plastics. 



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