Matching Rugs with Hardwood Flooring

The classic, elegant, and luxurious nature of hardwood floors may make you hesitant to add a rug that covers them. Hardwood floors don’t provide the softest landing for your feet despite their beauty. Area rugs are a great way to bring a room together, make it feel cozier, and add some comfort underfoot. 


Whether real or faux, whatever hardwood floors you have, there is a rug to complement them; you need to look around.



First, let’s talk about sizing. An area rug should ideally cover the entire seating area in a room, and all furniture should be positioned on the rug or have its feet on it. Thus, the most-used part of the room feels cohesive and welcoming. 


If your room is irregularly shaped or has a variety of furniture, you can choose different rugs to cover the other areas. You have to ensure that the patterns and colors do not clash. When selecting a rug, size does matter – if the rug is too small, the room will look disjointed rather than cohesive.



Choosing your area rug’s color will help you determine the best pattern for your space. There is no better way to hide dirt, pet hair, and crumbs than with a patterned rug. Classic patterned rugs like southwestern and Oriental-style rugs complement hardwood floors beautifully, but even a solid, striped rug can look lovely. 


Consider the size of the room when selecting a pattern. Large patterns on rugs are appropriate for large rooms, but a significant pattern seems out of place in small spaces. Choosing a rug with a small pattern may look better in a large room with a lot of furniture.



There are a few different purposes a rug can serve, design-wise, when it comes to choosing it for the room. In some cases, you might want a different color or texture of the rug depending on the type or color of hardwood you have. Dark furniture and hardwood floors go great together, but a large, light-colored area rug will liven up the space from floor to ceiling. People may have anxiety when it comes to a light-colored rug placed in a room where they eat, drink, and walk. 


You can alleviate those fears by choosing a rug with a low pile to reduce the risk of trips and a stain-resistant rug if you drop your wine glass. To match dark hardwood floors, beige, white, gray, and light blues and yellows are recommended. For softwood, choose brown, burgundy, or earthy-toned rugs.

When choosing a rug for a floor runner in the hallway, choose something darker or patterned to protect your floors from dirt. If you want to ensure that all the items in a room work together, select rug colors in the same color family as your floors and furniture. 


If you have a pet, you might consider your pet’s hair color when choosing a rug color. When you get a comfy rug, your pet is bound to use it instead of their overpriced dog bed to stretch out. You may love your hardwood floors, but it becomes their favorite spot to curl up when you get a rug. In other words, if your dog is a black lab, choose a darker rug, and if your dog is a golden retriever, choose a lighter one.


The placement of rugs on hardwood floors can be risky if you don’t plan. If you want to avoid some blooper-reel-worthy falls, choose non-slip area rugs or add non-slip rug grippers under them.


Last Word,

Working with Carpet Zone eliminates these concerns for you. We have a team of professional installers who can handle all of the heavy lifting for you – literally. Now you can relax and enjoy your savings on energy.  

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