How Does Luxury Vinyl Flooring Compare to Hardwood & Laminate?

While vinyl flooring has sometimes been viewed as a lesser alternative to other options, that is no longer the case, thanks to the introduction of luxury vinyl plank (LVP). It’s easy to install and maintain, and since it’s the perfect compromise between hardwood and laminate, it allows homeowners to achieve a noticeable upgrade without breaking the bank. Here’s why LVP is a great option for your home improvement project.

How Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Different From Hardwood?

Luxury vinyl is a synthetic flooring material. Significant heat and pressure are used during manufacturing to bind synthetic materials into solid planks. It’s often designed to imitate the look and texture of hardwood floors.

Many homeowners choose LVP because it’s less expensive than hardwood and easier to maintain. LVP is water-resistant, whereas hardwood can easily become damaged due to water exposure. Unlike hardwood, LVP can be used in bathrooms and kitchens without fear of warping. The planks remain straight and sturdy even as temperature and moisture levels change.

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Hardwood is beautiful, but it requires a lot of maintenance, including periodic sanding and refinishing. Otherwise, the appearance will fade due to wear and tear. LVP’s protective layer will keep the floor looking great for years to come.

Why Is LVP Superior to Laminate?

Though laminate shares similarities with LVP, vinyl offers greater durability. Laminate is very thin, leaving it more prone to wear and chipping along the edges. This also makes it less comfortable underfoot.  Additionally, the wood base underneath laminate is not waterproof, and the material itself often requires the use of laminate-specific cleaning products.

In addition to luxury vinyl’s suitability to moisture-prone spaces, it can be cleaned with a broom, vacuum, or even a wet mop. The planks are more resistant to scratches and stains, which is an absolute must for families with pets or kids. Though a wide range of designs are available to help luxury vinyl and laminate resemble more expensive materials, those imprinted on LVP tend to look more realistic.

What Are the Additional Benefits of LVP?

The added thickness of LVP over standard vinyl flooring gives it richer textures. This allows it to more realistically imitate the patterns and colors of different wood, stone, and tile flooring varieties. Countless design options make it easy to find the right match for your home decor.

LVP’s pricing also makes it a perfect happy medium between hardwood and laminate. It’s more budget-friendly and versatile than hardwood while offering more durability and aesthetic value than laminate.

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