How Can You Get Ready for Carpet Installation Day?

The much-anticipated day has finally arrived: beautiful, new carpet will be professionally installed in your home. Before the technicians ring the doorbell, there are a few ways you can prepare. Here are several steps to take to ensure your carpet installation is easy, efficient, and provides you with amazing results. 

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Carpet Installation

1. Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Curious children and suspicious dogs can slow down carpet installation. For their safety and consideration of the contractor, arrange to have kids and pets away from the house that day. Depending on where the new carpet will be located, you can put Fido or Whiskers in another room with food, water, bedding, and their favorite toys.

2. Create Driveway Space

Be sure to maintain space in your driveway or street for the contractor to park their truck. This accessibility will make it easier and faster for them to move materials in and out of the house. The night before or the morning of carpet installation day, park personal vehicles away from the garage or driveway so that there isn’t a mad scramble when the contractor arrives.

3. Move Fragile Items

While sofas, beds, coffee tables, and other furniture pieces are expected to be removed from the intended room, don’t forget other fragile items. Televisions, sculptures, picture frames, and glassware should also be removed. From heavy rolls of carpeting to special equipment, contractors use a range of tools to get the job done. If valuables are left in the carpet installation room, the risk of damage increases. To be safe, place all items in another room away from the work area. 

4. Confirm Arrival Time

Depending on the company, clients may get an exact time for their carpet installation or one based on a two-hour window. The day before, confirm your scheduled time or window so that someone will be at the house to receive the contractor. While you’re on the phone, ask the representative about any additional steps you should take before installation day. 


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