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Prefinished Wood VS Unfinished Wood

There are many reasons why hardwood flooring is so popular, including its beauty, durability, and natural aesthetic. It is best of all; hardwood flooring still gives you various choices, which means you can customize it to fit any décor. Our hardwood flooring offers customers a variety of options, and we are your source for beautiful […]

Matching Rugs with Hardwood Flooring

The classic, elegant, and luxurious nature of hardwood floors may make you hesitant to add a rug that covers them. Hardwood floors don’t provide the softest landing for your feet despite their beauty. Area rugs are a great way to bring a room together, make it feel cozier, and add some comfort underfoot.    Whether […]

The Best Flooring Options to Use in the Kitchen

Making the best flooring choice for your kitchen is crucial for the design process. A kitchen floor is the most heavily trafficked surface in the home and must withstand regular stains (and therefore a lot of cleaning), spilled water, and fluctuations in temperature. Changing the flooring in your kitchen does not necessarily mean that it […]

Pros and Cons of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular. Consider several factors, from durability to cost, if you’re planning to install engineered hardwood in your home. Here are engineered hardwood flooring’s pros and cons to help you make your decision.   Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Cost-effective: Engineered wood flooring is cheaper than solid wood flooring in materials […]

Wood Flooring Trends in 2021

Increasingly popular hardwood floors are the most desirable flooring option for homes. When it comes to wood flooring, you have so many options today. Several new trends have emerged in wood flooring recently, and traditional trends are out. Here are the latest trends in hardwood flooring for 2021:   Reclaimed Wood:   As a unique, […]

How To Refurbish Your Wood Floors?

You may be renovating an old house or just wanting to improve the aesthetics of your current apartment; refinishing hardwood floors can make a big difference.  Hardwood floors typically last for an extended period. Eventually, they will require refinishing due to everyday use. Although learning how to refinish hardwood floors can be a time-intensive process […]

Can You Install LVP Over Hardwood? 

Vinyl plank flooring is a fantastic choice if you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom flooring. Vinyl flooring is also durable, economical, moisture-resistant, and stands up well to high foot traffic. There are many circumstances in which you may want to install vinyl plank flooring over hardwood. Maybe the hardwood floor you have now is […]

3 Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors With Pets

Hardwood floors are a beautiful, traditional option that adds value and character to a home. They also need regular care and maintenance to keep them looking as attractive as they did right after the flooring installation. This is especially true if you have pets, which can damage flooring if you aren’t careful. Luckily, being proactive […]

3 Ways to Keep Hardwood Floors Scratch-Free

Hardwood floors add natural beauty to any home. In addition to this, they are easy to clean and have a long life span. Despite being relatively low maintenance, the boards are more susceptible to scratches than some other flooring options, like carpet, slate, or tile. Here are a few tips for preserving them. How to […]

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