Carpet Stretching

carpet stretching

Every homeowner who has carpet in their home will tell you that carpet provides comfort and style to any room. However, carpets can suffer from various wear and tear over time. The good news is that there is a way to restore your carpet to its original condition that does not involve replacing it entirely, which is known as carpet stretching.


What is Carpet Stretching?


People may not be familiar with this phrase, but it’s pretty simple. The carpet stretching process involves pulling the carpet tighter and resecuring it around the room’s perimeter to the tack or anchor strips in the subfloor. Sounds easy, no?


Why is Carpet Stretching Important?


With time, your carpet works through various wear and tear situations, some of which are deeper than the surface.


Heavy foot traffic: Even the best and most challenging carpets can wear down over time due to heavy traffic.


Furniture moving: When furniture is dragged across the carpet, the edges can rip and loosen.


Wrong padding: There’s always more to a carpet than meets the eye when choosing one for your home. In addition to selecting a visually appealing carpet, it is essential to choose padding that complements it well. As we discussed previously, an incorrect carpet and padding combination can cause rippling and loosening.


Installation problems: If your carpet is not installed correctly, it may have been stretched and improperly secured.


There are many ways in which wear and tear can manifest. Do you have a carpet that bunches up or bubbles in certain places? Does your carpet come up in doorways, and where does it meet wood or tile floors? If so, you may need professional carpet stretching. The importance of time is similar to that of carpet cleaning. It is essential to act quickly to prevent further damage. The longer you wait, the worse it may get. The more severe the problem becomes, the more complex (and more expensive) it is to fix!


How is Carpet Stretching Done?


Stretching carpet begins with identifying the areas that need to be fixed. The carpet is stretched tight using tack strips and a stretcher and held together with tack strips. In addition to the stretcher, two metal bars are attached. Once the bars are inserted into the carpet, they are pulled tight. Repeat this process until all wrinkles and ripples have been removed. Professionals should perform carpet stretching to obtain the best results.


What are the Signs your Carpet Needs Stretching?


Listed below are some signs that may help you determine if your carpet needs stretching:

  • Carpet wrinkles and loose carpet
  • Carpet piles and excess carpeting
  • The carpet pad has visible ripples
  • Near the carpet edges, the carpet is bunching up
  • Your carpet keeps tripping you up


Last Word,


Call Carpet Zone! With our experience, we can fix a wide range of problems related to your carpet, including the need to stretch it. It may seem simple, but carpet stretching is a delicate process that professionals can only handle. With Carpet Zone, it’s easy!

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