Carpet For Stairs

Carpet provides spongy comfort underfoot, making stairs a pleasure to walk on. Whether you’re looking for something bold or pared-back, or maybe you want a gray carpet over a patterned carpet, we’ve got stylish stair carpet ideas to suit your tastes. Don’t forget that the exclusive Carpet Zone collection offers the perfect stair carpets that are durable and practical.


 What is the right time to replace my stair carpet?


Once your carpet looks shabby in a few places, it’s time to replace it. The front edge of the carpet near the edge of the step and the bottom couple of steps are the first to wear down. When these areas are gone, the search can begin.


Carpets Provide Safety for Stairs

You should still consider carpet on your stairs even if you prefer hard surfaces like hardwoods or laminate. It is much safer to have carpet on stairs than hard surface floors. Hard surfaces are slippery and can easily lead to a fall. Compared to hardwood or laminate, carpet provides a much softer landing area, which could help reduce injury risks.


What is the best carpet for stairs?

A high-traffic area like stairs requires durable carpets to keep up with its activity levels. For safety and strength, synthetic nylon carpet may be your best option, while wool is another good option due to its fibers’ ability to resist stains and dirt (although it is more expensive). Alternatively, Berber carpets, which are made from loops instead of strands, are incredibly durable options for staircases.


How should I choose the color of my stair carpet?

The light in halls and staircases is often limited, so you should make the most of the light. Light-colored carpets tend to brighten up small spaces, but you can experiment with darker hues if your hallway is bigger. Although light carpets are more likely to show dirt and stains, patterns can hide them.


Installation of Carpet on Stairs

There are two methods for installing carpet on stairs: French cap and waterfall.

In the waterfall method, the carpet is bent over the stair edge and brought straight down to meet the tread of the next step. It is a quick and easy way to install carpet, which is why many new home builders use this method.

The French cap method involves wrapping the carpet around the edge of the stair and tucking it under the lip to conform to the shape of the step. Installers must devote more time and effort to this method, but the result is a customized look that you may prefer.


Last Thought,

Staircase carpets are subject to a lot of wear and tear, so you should select a strong and durable carpet. Our stairway carpet is durable as well as practical in equal measure. Our carpets at Carpet Zone are designed to last for years, so you can choose a style that suits your home. Selecting a style and color that matches your staircase or hallway is simple with our wide choice – from popular contemporary neutrals, such as dark gray and cream, to stripes, tartans, and patterns.

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