Can You Have Dogs in a House With Carpet Flooring?

Pet owners know that dogs make an excellent addition to their families. Although they look great, you do not want them to ruin your new flooring, which inevitably leads to the question: Can dogs be kept inside a house with carpeting? Yeah, I see no reason for you not to. Even with the messiest pets, it can be challenging to keep carpets clean by removing urine/defecation, hair, and odors. Fortunately, there are ways to keep carpets clean (and yourself sane) no matter how messy your pet is.

Let us look at a few tips that might help:

How to Keep Carpets Clean With Dogs:

  1. Washing and drying the dog’s feet before allowing those to enter the house and putting down mats in traffic points like doorways. Having an entrance mat with rubberized backing is an excellent idea for capturing much grime as dogs enter the house. 


  1. There are specific colors that are more tolerant of stains and hairs. A patterned or heather finish carpet may be beneficial with pets, as it can hide their marks. So, when choosing a floor, consider your pet’s fur color and consider picking one that matches, e.g., darker fur will always stand out against lighter carpets or vice versa.”


  1. Once your dog gets inside, keep his paws dry. Thus, dirt will not be able to embed in the carpet. Eventually, your dog will learn that he cannot come in until you wipe his paws, even if he does not like it 


  1. Blow up spills as fast as possible. Cleaning up spills as soon as possible reduces the chance of them turning into stains – but make sure you blot because wiping and rubbing can aggravate it. 


  1. If there are any accidents, use a neutral cleaner to remove the acidity in your pet’s urine.
  2. You should still clean twice a week even if your dog does not shed much; dander still accumulates. It can also cause a carpet to become weighed down and to smell like dogs. Make sure you vacuum twice a week to stop this from happening. 


Pros of Carpet for Dogs:

In terms of dogs, carpets can be an advantage.


  1. Unlike hard-surface floors, dogs will not slip or slide on them, thus preventing injury to puppies or doggies that have not yet fully developed their balance.  


  1. Carpets are less likely to accumulate scratches and scuff marks than hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or tile, so it is no longer necessary to worry about pets’ claws and paws damaging your floors.  


  1. Carpet is also noise-muffling, which makes it especially attractive in an apartment or a room located upstairs. Your dog will appreciate the soft, warm spot to sleep, and you can choose the color and style you want. 


Final words

We all make some compromises when we share our home with a dog, but you do not have to when it comes to flooring. You need to take several steps to make sure your carpet is pet-friendly. Your carpet is an essential part of your home, so keeping it clean and fresh shows that you care about how it always looks. Soft carpets can be more comfortable for your family, and you will not need to gate off the room for fear that your dog will damage it. Feel free to bring your dog into the family and enjoy family life with you.

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