June 17, 2023

Interior Design Trends 2022


This year’s interior design trends will surely inspire you to recreate the looks in your home. The design world is getting accustomed to current trends, classics making a comeback, and timeless classics that should last. As a result of this variety, you’ll be able to create a stylish home that will also last for years to come. 

Find out what our design experts believe are the top 2022 home decor and interior design trends you’re sure to love!


Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials into new products. Sustainability is a significant factor when considering up cycling as an interior design trend.

Upcycling is also popular in chain stores. IKEA, for example, uses many upcycled materials in its products. PET bottles are being made into curtains, and waste fabrics are transformed into new rugs and pillows.

Chic Chocolate Hues

People are increasingly choosing rich chocolate browns and camel color schemes for their interiors. The same applies to paint, finishes, and delicate decor items such as pillows and linens. The warmer shades feel more welcoming and are a response to the oversaturation of grays. We are overseeing gray interiors everywhere! Light gray, dark gray, and grayer all around us! Gray is the most common color used for ‘cookie cutter’ new homes, so a shade of chocolate brown feels unique and personal.

Biophilic Design

In recent years, there has been a focus on reconnecting us to nature through biophilic design concepts, creating relaxing environments with natural lighting, ventilation, plants, and a visual connection to nature.

High Tech Homes and Furniture 

In the design of furniture and homes, technology is becoming more prominent. Modern homes would be incomplete without it. Increasingly, homeowners want the convenience and peace of mind of controlling their home’s security, temperature, and music from their smartphones. High-end technology devices include self-darkening windows, induction cooktops, and heated floors.

Wallpaper in unusual places

Wallpaper (as its name suggests) is excellent for walls. In addition to walls, wallpaper can also be used elsewhere. With the interior design trend of 2022, your home will have fun and patterns. 

Painted Doors & Trims

Emphasize blank spaces with doors and trims that make a statement. Don’t go overboard. You can create an attractive doorway from leftover paint. It is an elegant way to introduce colors to your interiors and exteriors without needing to present any new colors.


We are in the middle of 2022, and we wonder what the next six months will bring. Because we have been spending a lot of time at home, we consider updating our spaces. While our living quarters should reflect our aesthetics, staying on top of the latest fads is refreshing.