5 Reasons to Install Carpeting in a Commercial Building

Commercial buildings are outfitted with many types of flooring—from hardwood to vinyl. However, if you’re searching for an aesthetically-pleasing and practical solution for your workspace, commercial carpet is worth a closer look. Apart from offering a wide range of design options, this material also provides the following benefits.

What Are the Advantages of Commercial Carpet?

1. Minimizes Maintenance Needs

Commercial carpets are made from robust fibers like olefin. As a result, these surfaces can last several years without showing any signs of wear—even when exposed to heavy foot traffic. Treated to resist stains, mold, and water damage, this material is easy to clean with a commercial vacuum and steam cleaner. 

2. Promotes Health & Safety

When dust, chemicals, and other pollutants collect on hard flooring, they can easily be kicked back up into the environment and trigger allergy symptoms and respiratory issues in those inside the building. Carpet fibers, on the other hand, lock onto these contaminants until they are vacuumed up. This quality can help promote a cleaner indoor environment for healthier breathing.

If a spill happens, carpets will also absorb the moisture until they are cleaned. This effect helps reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, which tend to be more common on slick tile and hardwood surfaces.

3. Improves Comfort

Tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring materials are all rigid, which can be tough on feet—especially for employees that stand for hours on end. By contrast, carpet is installed over a layer of padding that takes the pressure off of feet and creates a more comfortable work environment. 

4. Reduces Noise   

The layers of padding used in commercial carpet absorb sounds that typically fill an office space—such as footsteps, ringing phones, and clacking keyboards. Harder surfaces—such as hardwood and tile—will echo these noises, possibly creating a more distracting and unpleasant office atmosphere.

5. Cuts Costs

Compared to other flooring materials, commercial carpet is an incredibly affordable option. It also takes less effort to install and maintain. Together, these benefits help property owners save on flooring replacement and maintenance costs.


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