4 Considerations for Budget-Friendly Carpet

Carpets have several practical and aesthetic advantages for properties. In addition to adding color and texture to indoor areas, it also offers extra insulation and feels comfortable beneath the feet. Since it’s available in such a wide variety of fibers and styles, it’s easy to install on a budget. Here are some aspects to focus on as you select affordable carpeting for your residence.

How to Buy Carpet on a Budget

1. Style

Carpet styles can still be durable at lower price points. Since cut piles require additional machinery and labor to trim the tips, they’re typically more expensive. Looped piles, such as Berber and frieze, do not require this extra step, making them more cost-efficient. They also contain inexpensive olefin in the blend, which is one of the most affordable fibers. 

2. Fiber

In addition to olefin, polyester is among the most cost-efficient fibers. Though not as durable as nylon, polyester is naturally stain-resistant since its fibers repel liquids, such as coffee and wine.

Nylon is slightly more expensive but offers optimal durability. Its fibers are harder than other synthetic options, making it especially resistant to wear and tear caused by foot traffic.

3. Cushioning 

One item you shouldn’t skimp on when buying carpet is the underlying padding. Durable cushioning made from bonded polyurethane foam with a density of at least eight pounds will support the backing and binding, which absorbs foot traffic impact.

Additionally, it allows more air into your vacuum cleaner. This increases suction power to effectively remove dirt and debris, improve your indoor air quality, and preserve the carpet’s life span.

4. Professional Installation

Without professional installation, your carpet may wind up loose, buckled, and have unsightly seams between panels. A professional contractor will use a power stretcher to ensure your carpet fits tightly over the flooring, and they’ll use extra-strength glue to join panels with secure, yet unnoticeable, seams. 


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