3 Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpet is a top flooring choice for homeowners in all stages of life because of its unmatchable comfort. Thankfully, by practicing proper cleaning techniques, you can extend its lifespan and keep it looking—and smelling—great. To get the most out of your investment, follow these three expert tips. 

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

1. Remove Shoes

Daily, the biggest source of grime is shoes. Every time you enter your home, you bring all the dirt and pollen you’ve come in contact with along with you. Thankfully, you can keep most of it off your carpets by taking your shoes off at the front door. Pets are also common carriers of contaminants. To reduce accumulation, clean their paws at the door with species-friendly wipes. 

2. Clean Regularly

All flooring requires regular cleaning, but carpeting can mislead homeowners. Since dirt, dust, and dander hide within the fibers, it usually appears clean to the naked eye. However, failure to vacuum it regularly allows the hidden debris to become pressed deep within the material, which makes it virtually impossible to remove. For that reason, vacuum the flooring two to three times per week and schedule a deep clean every three to six months—more frequently with kids and pets. 

3. Treat Spills Immediately

The key to avoiding permanent discoloration is cleaning up the mess as soon as possible. The less time the solution is in contact with the fibers, the less likely a stain will occur. As soon as an incident occurs, soak up any liquid with a clean cotton towel—pat, don’t rub. If there are still remnants, utilize a store-bought or homemade spot treatment approved for your carpet. 

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